Berkshire Gas Stove – Lopi’s Medium Sized Cast Iron Gas Stove

Whether you are sitting in your living room staring out at the ocean or staring out at mountains of snow, the Berkshire gas stove will be there to warm your home and heart when thinking about the frigid winter that awaits you. This medium sized cast iron stove is strong and mighty, it will combat all your winter woes!

This stove is a true beauty, featuring the award-winning Ember-Fyre™ burner with the realistic and highly detailed log set and embers, your guests will be sure to think it is a wood burning stove. With a stunningly large viewing area, you can showcase your fire. The leaping, glowing flames are highlighted with the high quality, high clarity ceramic glass features in the Berkshire. With interior accent lighting, you can set the mood and create the ambiance you desire. This allows you to showcase your beautiful stove all year round!

Berkshire Gas Stove - Lopi’s Medium Sized Cast Iron Gas Stove 3

This stove is a classic and is built with such high quality you will have it for years to come. It features decorative cast iron on the outside with a steel firebox built for durability on the inside. The side panels have decorative cast iron moldings modeled after early American architecture. The Berkshire is known as a functional work of art. The three-sided glass offers an impressive viewing area.

Going for that early morning surf in the summer, turn on your stove to warm up before slipping out into the cool, damp ocean air. Trying to hold out as long as possible in braving the frozen snow mountain you have to shovel to get to your car, turn on your stove and procrastinate a little longer. And sometimes the elements have a mind of their own, causing your power to go out. With the Berkshire there is no need to fear, with built-in battery backup, your stove can continue to operate even during power outages. Once the power returns, it switches back to AC.

Berkshire Gas Stove - Lopi’s Medium Sized Cast Iron Gas Stove 4

When it comes to the heat, this stove is capable of heating up to 1,500 square feet of your home, perfect for zonal heating in larger rooms of your home. Now complete with the GreenSmart Comfort Control feature, you have the ability to determine a comfortable heat setting for any occasion at any time of the year. The Berkshire also comes with the GreenSmart™ 2 wall mounted remote. This allows you to control every function of the stove from the comfort of your favorite cuddle spot.

The GreenSmart technology is groundbreaking. You can control the flame and heat output with the touch of a button, you can run the stove on thermostat mode or set your stove to smart mode. The smart mode has the ability to adjust the fire and heat to maintain the beauty of the fire and the room temperature, so you remain comfortable at all times. The smart mode works to maintain a consistent temperature so that you can enjoy your fire with no worries and use less fuel.

This stove is perfect for colder environments because the Berkshire operates with a standing pilot meaning the pilot flame stays on and it is necessary to maintain a draft for proper operation. With a combination of convective heat, radiant heat and Btu heat, your home is sure to be warmed. This stove is practical, efficient and beautiful, the perfect combination for your home. This winter, be sure to invest in a Berkshire Gas Stove by Lopi, you won’t regret it!

Berkshire Gas Stove also come with side panels.


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