Does Adding Fireplace Increase Increase Home Value?

Fireplaces are an attractive feature in any home, but even more so in regions that experience seasonal weather. Living on the Jersey Shore, our summers are hot and our winters can be excessively cold, icy and dark. With around six months of chilly weather each year, having a fireplace can transform your shore home into a cozy refuge; a place to come together as a family, watch movies, play games, drink hot cocoa and bond by the orange embers.

Ambiance aside, does having a fireplace inside of your home actually increase the value of your house? According to poll of Real Estate agents by Angie’s list, 70% say that they saw a value increase when a home included a fireplace. Additionally, found that 60% of homeowners and buyers say that they are looking for a fireplace in their next home. Based on these statistics, installing a fireplace is a small-scale investment that anyone can make to quickly increase the value of their home. Luckily it is feasible to add a fireplace to virtually any home and Fireplaces Plus can work with a variety of budgets to create your dream structure.

As new homes are being built on the Jersey Shore, fireplaces are an important feature that should not be overlooked during the design process. This is an especially important component for rental properties, as there are often off-season rentals taking place for families wanting to host get-togethers during the holidays or reunions, and companies looking for spaces to hold trainings or team-bonding retreats. Having a fireplace in these properties can be a game changer for these bookers during the colder months.

In addition to price value increases, fireplaces irrefutably add aesthetic worth to your home. Properties that are perceived as more attractive, are always in higher demand and will cost more than comparable homes without the aesthetic appeal. So, when you do decide to add a fireplace in your home, make sure to build it in an area that is regularly used, such as a family room or living room. This will make it a centerpiece to a main room and will be consistently enjoyed and used by all!

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