Fireplaces: Traditional or Contemporary


Fireplaces: Traditional or Contemporary 2

Winter is approaching and your home will start feeling cold. It is high time you started planning to install or refurbish your fireplaces. Whereas there are lots of fireplaces in the market, your choice will typically depend on your taste and preference. We currently have a wide selection on our showroom floor for you to view in our New Jersey store.

Traditional Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces are a great addition to the house and home, provided of course you have sufficient space in terms of the chimney and related structures that are required when it comes to the traditional version. The aroma of burning wood and the flickering of the flames provide a great contribution to the ambiance of a room, and of course, heating the place in question. Quality in the selection of such a home improvement product is essential in ensuring adequate and efficient heating, as well as ensuring safety within the home.

  • Gas Fireplaces
    Gas fireplaces have also grown in popularity with many options in design and functionality available here too. Provided one is connected to the gas mains then there should not be any issues in getting these fireplaces installed within the home. Naturally working with gas, as any other potentially harmful product, one has to exercise caution and safety protocols when operating these items. Although with the latest products one has the benefits of increased safety aspects already built into the gas fireplaces. We at Fireplaces Plus Inc. have NFI Certified Fireplace Installers. If you are not hooked to gas then our installer can run the gas line. All installations are done to national, state, local fire and gas codes.
  • Electric Fireplaces
    Another option, which has become a preferred choice due to the associated convenience, is that of electric fireplaces. Some of the ideal benefits of this option are that one does not need any venting or chimney structure, which in turn makes it extremely versatile in being able to install electric fireplaces into any room that you may wish.

Contemporary Fireplaces

Today, contemporary fireplaces have come with a lot of improved features to the traditional ones. They offer almost the same benefit as the traditional ones but with an entirely different look. Contemporary Fireplaces integrates the modern styles and patterns and are aimed at fitting perfectly to your home d├ęcor.

Contemporary fireplace follows the European design and has amazing features including unique materials like black onyx, a linear-flame that flickers in unison, and panoramic viewing angles.

Traditional or Contemporary Fireplaces

The debate between traditional or contemporary fireplaces cannot be concluded unless you observe the options you have visually. Our showroom carry many traditional and contemporary fireplaces for your to view. The evolution of gas and electric fireplaces has really eliminated the hazards of pollution usually linked with traditional fireplaces. However, some contemporary fireplaces have incorporated the features of the traditional fireplaces and modified it to suit the modern needs.

Brands Currently in our Southern New Jersey Location

Fireplace Xtrordinair, Mendota Fireplaces, Napoleon Fireplaces, Kozy Heat fireplaces, Monessen Fireplaces, Dimplex Fireplaces.

We are constantly changing out and updating fireplaces in our showroom. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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