Hearthstone Soapstone Wood Stoves 30% US Tax Credit

30% US Tax Credit

On the purchase and installation of high-efficiency woodstoves.

Unlock Savings with the HearthStone Soapstone Tax Credit at Fireplaces Plus!

Are you looking to upgrade your home heating with style and efficiency? The HearthStone Soapstone models are not just a perfect choice; they’re now more affordable thanks to the 25C Wood Stove Tax Credit! This incredible opportunity allows you to claim a 30% tax credit on purchasing and installing eligible HearthStone wood stoves.

  1. Castleton: A compact and efficient wood stove, the Castleton is designed for smaller spaces. It combines the timeless appeal of soapstone with a functional design, providing steady, radiant heat.
  2. Heritage: The Heritage model is known for its classic design and robust heating capabilities. It features a large soapstone mass to retain heat and deliver consistent warmth over a long period.
  3. Mansfield: This powerful, high-capacity wood stove is ideal for larger spaces. The Mansfield combines traditional aesthetics with modern heating efficiency, making it a popular choice for spacious homes.
  4. Craftsbury: The Craftsbury is a smaller, traditionally styled wood stove. It is perfect for medium-sized rooms, offering a balance of size and heating efficiency with the unique warmth that only soapstone can provide.
  5. Shelburne: The Shelburne is a medium-sized stove that fits a variety of home styles. It offers a blend of design simplicity and effective heating, suitable for everyday use.
  6. Manchester: This model is designed for larger living spaces, offering high heat output and a spacious firebox. The Manchester combines the beauty of soapstone with powerful heating capabilities.
  7. Green Mountain 40: A part of the Green Mountain series, this model is designed for efficiency and clean burning. It’s a mid-sized stove that fits well in various settings, offering advanced combustion technology.
  8. Green Mountain 60: Larger than the GM 40, the Green Mountain 60 provides more heating power while maintaining efficiency and environmental friendliness. It’s suitable for larger rooms or open-plan areas.
  9. Green Mountain 80: The largest in the Green Mountain series, this model is designed for maximum heating capacity without sacrificing efficiency. It’s ideal for very large spaces or homes in colder climates.
  10. Bari: The Bari is a modern, cylindrical stove offering a 360-degree view of the fire. It combines contemporary design with the traditional warmth of soapstone, suitable for modern homes.
  11. Bari Plus: An enhanced version of the Bari Plus, it offers additional features or greater heating capacity, maintaining its modern design and full-view firebox.
  12. Clydesdale: Explicitly designed for fireplace insert applications, the Clydesdale is ideal for transforming an existing fireplace into an efficient heat source. It combines the beauty of soapstone with the convenience of an insert.
  13. Lincoln: A square cook plate on the top of the stove is great for warming things up. It also provides easy access to the catalyst for servicing. Full soapstone + cast iron construction offers comfortable, long-lasting heat and a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Each of these models brings the unique qualities of soapstone to efficient, environmentally friendly wood heating, making them eligible for the tax credit and appealing to a range of consumer needs and home styles.

Key Highlights of the Tax Credit:

  • Generous Savings: Enjoy a 30% tax credit on purchase and installation costs.
  • Annual Cap: Benefit from a maximum credit of $2,000 yearly, with no lifetime limit.
  • Long-Term Availability: This credit is available from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2032.
  • Efficiency Requirement: Eligible stoves must meet a minimum of 75% HHV efficiency.

Your Next Step: Are you excited about bringing the warmth and elegance of HearthStone Soapstone into your home? Fireplaces Plus proudly showcases a wide range of these eligible models. From the compact Castleton to the robust Manchester and the modern Bari series, we have the perfect fit for your space and style.

Here are the details of the 25C Wood Stove Tax Credit Program

  1. Background: In response to the EPA’s tightened emission standards for woodstoves, HearthStone improved them to meet these new standards. As a result, they have several stoves rated in the top 15 for HHV by the EPA.
  2. Tax Credit Details: The government has introduced a tax credit in 2023 for wood stoves that meet an HHV efficiency value of 75% or higher. HearthStone announces that all their free-standing wood stoves meet or exceed this threshold. Consumers can earn a 30% tax credit on purchasing and installing an eligible HearthStone wood stove.
  3. Specifics of the 25C Wood Stove Tax Credit Program:
    • The tax credit is 30% of the total cost (purchase and installation) of highly efficient wood stoves.
    • It is capped at $2,000 annually with no lifetime limit.
    • The credit is available from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2032.
    • Qualifying wood stoves must have at least a 75% HHV efficiency value.
    • Purchasers need a receipt and a HearthStone manufacturer certificate for tax credit eligibility.
  4. Eligible HearthStone Wood Stoves: The page lists several HearthStone wood stove models eligible for the tax credit, including Castleton, Heritage, Mansfield, Craftsbury, Shelburne, Manchester, Green Mountain 40, 60, 80, Bari, Bari Plus, and Clydesdale.
  5. 2022 Tax Filing for 25D Tax Credit: This section details the 25D tax credit for products installed from January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2022, which also requires a 75% HHV efficiency value and includes a 26% tax credit on the total cost (purchase and installation) of the wood stove. This credit is uncapped, and claimants must file using IRS form 5695.

This summary provides an overview of the tax credit program and its benefits for consumers purchasing efficient wood stoves from HearthStone.

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