Jøtul GF 500 DV IPI Portland – Locals Summer Autumn Gas Fireplace

As the season winds down, the fall starts to creep in. Dawn patrol rolls up, in search of the perfect surf sessions. Fall always delivers the goods: the swells build and the experts come out to play. Leaves start to clutter the rocky lawns of homes by the sea. The morning bike rides are greeted with a cool breeze; the dog days are fleeting. The stores shorten their hours, the renters return home, and sunrises earlier and falls sooner. The locals’ summer has begun.

The year, the locals’ summer burns on. Luscious sunrises and fiery sunsets bring reminders of flames dancing. Bring those thoughts to reality with the Jøtul GF 500 DV IPI Portland. A descendant of our signature best-selling Jøtul F 500 Oslo wood stove, the Jøtul GF 500 DV IPI Portland offers the same whole house heating capabilities at the push of a button. The convenience of this piece will elevate your fall season.

Complete with a 6 piece, high definition ceramic log set, this fire delivers unsurpassed burner technology and flame picture realism thanks to the revolutionary new ceramic JøtulBurner III. Not only does it feature a dual burner that has up to 70% heat control turn down, but it has also been approved for open and closed-door fire viewing. This is a great feature for viewing pleasure and for safety. Each Jøtul GF 500 DV IPI Portland comes complete with a safety screen barrier. This stove delivers the perfect union of high efficiency and timeless cast iron design with a convertible flue collar and a cast iron filler piece.

Looking for a custom feel? There is a multitude of options such as a multifunction Proflame II remote with flame modulation control, a wall thermostat, a top firing accent light kit (remote controlled with 6-level illumination), and a blower kit (120 CFM) (remote controlled with 6-speed levels). It also comes with a reversible brick liner in Antique Red and Brownstone. Get this fire in one of two color options: Majolica Brown enamel or Classic Matte Black Paint.


  • 6 piece of high definition ceramic log set
  • Convertible flue collar w/cast iron filler piece
  • Dual burner: Up to 70% heat control turn down
  • Approved for open/closed door fire viewing with Safety Screen Barrier (Included with unit)
  • Revolutionary new ceramic JøtulBurner™ III delivers unsurpassed burner technology and flame picture realism

Skip the hassle of lugging wood to the island this season and indulge in the beauty of this gas fire to keep you warm throughout the locals’ summer, winter, spring, and summer.


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