Rockport Wood Stove Fireplace Showroom Floor Model on Sale


Fireplaces Plus in Southern Ocean County NJ has the Rockport Wood Stove floor model on sale. The Rockport Hybrid-Fyre is a wood burning free standing fireplace. It features a traditional cast iron design, with an optional GreenStart Electric Igniter.

This unit can heat up to 2,000sq.ft, and maintain an efficiency of 78.4%. With Lopi’s award winning technology, this unit will use less wood and burn longer – a great feature for those cold nights in New Jersey.
Rockport Wood Stove Lopi

NOW 30% OFF! $2,301.60

Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Heat Output 67,700 BTU’s / Hour
Efficiency 78.4% Average, Up to 84.5% (LHV)
Maximum Burn Time Up to 10 Hours
Firebox Size 2.15 Cubic Feet
Maximum Log Size 20″
Emissions 0.8 Grams Per Hour
Weight 450 Pounds
Construction Cast Iron


The Rockport wood stove features an elegant, clean design with beautiful European castings, bold lines and attention to detail. This stove is the perfect medium size and will complement any home’s décor with its sleek appearance, gentle curved shape and large 173 square inch fire viewing area. Artfully crafted from the finest grade materials, the Rockport is one heavy-duty stove that will provide years of dependable warmth and comfort.

Like its larger counterpart, the award-winning Cape Cod, the Rockport features revolutionary Hybrid-Fyre® technology, making it one of the cleanest burning and most efficient wood stoves in the world! The Rockport™ boasts an impressive 0.8 grams of emissions per hour and a 84.5% LHV, 78.4% HHV Overall Heating Efficiency (OHE). This allows you to use less wood while burning hotter fires for longer periods of time, saving you money on your heating bills.

The Rockport’s full convection heat exchanger provides maximum radiant and convective heat that can warm living spaces up to an impressive 1,800 square feet. Its2.15 cubic foot firebox can hold 20-inch logs with up to 10 hours of burn time. The Rockport™ features a large self-cleaning ceramic glass viewing area on an extra wide door that opens up past 90 degrees for convenient wood loading. When closed, the door’s knife edge seal and locking handle prevent any possibilities of air leakages and ensures maximum safety. Standard features like the easy glide large capacity ash pan and the single control bypass damper make starting and maintaining fires easier than ever with the Rockport.

The Rockport also features the revolutionary GreenStart Igniter option which allows you to start this stove simply with the push of a button! Starting your wood stove or refreshing old fires has never been easier than with GreenStart.

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