Save Wood Heat – How would your home heat be affected?

Most of us remember – and many of us still enjoy – heating up by a wood stove or fireplace after a day of working or playing outside.

Today’s modern wood heating options are clean, safe, and affordable for any home’s needs. Whether the wood is your only source of heat – or you enjoy cozy nights around the fireplace – did you know that new EPA regulations set to come into effect May 15, 2020, could make future woodstoves much more expensive or unavailable?


How would your home heat be affected?



More expensive products (or less variety) results in fewer older, dirtier stoves being replaced with new, EPA-certified appliances. LEARN MORE


Rural communities reliant on wood heat will be hit hardest by Step 2 of this rule. Today, only one furnace meets the 2020 requirements. LEARN MORE


Mostly rural households will face huge price increases and decreases in product choice, from over a hundred models today to less than a dozen after May 15, 2020. LEARN MORE


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