The Art of the Smokeless Fire Pit: Tips, Tricks, and Safety

If you have been keeping a close eye on the latest trends in outdoor living, you’ve likely seen smokeless fire pits popping up in more and more backyards, garnering attention on social media, and creating a buzz in the world of home comfort and décor. At Fireplaces Plus, we are outdoor fireplace professionals with a wide variety of products. But just how smokeless are these fire pits, really?

The Art of the Smokeless Fire Pit: Tips, Tricks, and Safety 1

Fireplaces Plus, a leading authority in the fireplace and fire pit industry based in Southern New Jersey, has been closely following this trend and carrying some of the most popular smokeless fire pit products. To help consumers better understand these intriguing outdoor features, we turned to some of the most reliable product reviews available.

Consumer Reports recently tested seven popular “smokeless” fire pits, and their findings clarify a lot of the questions surrounding this hot trend. Firstly, it’s important to address the term “smokeless.” It might be more accurate to refer to these as “less smoky” fire pits. The truth of the matter is that burning wood always produces some smoke—it’s part of the chemical reaction of combustion. However, these fire pits are designed in such a way to minimize the amount of smoke produced once the fire is up and running.

The Art of the Smokeless Fire Pit: Tips, Tricks, and Safety 2

During the testing process, Consumer Reports observed that the best performing fire pits ignite quickly, thus getting past the initial smoky phase sooner. Moreover, they burn wood efficiently, leaving less residual waste and making clean-up much easier. Among the top performers was the Cuisinart Cleanburn Fire Pit, a product from the well-known kitchen appliance brand, which stands out for its quick ignition and thorough wood burning.

In addition to wood-burning options, some fire pits, like the Inno Stage Smokeless Fire Pit, burn wood pellets instead, offering an alternative for those who prefer to skip the chore of chopping and lugging around firewood. There are also versatile models like the Blue Sky Outdoor Living Peak Smokeless Fire Pit, which allows the use of both pellets or logs.

As with any fire-related product, safety should always be paramount. Fireplaces Plus advises that any fire pit should be placed on an uncovered, hard, flat surface, and a minimum of 20 feet away from anything flammable. Moreover, it is essential to avoid placing any fire pit on a deck, as the heat could cause wooden materials to ignite or even melt composite decking materials.

The Art of the Smokeless Fire Pit: Tips, Tricks, and Safety 3

Equally important, remember to always entrust the installation and servicing of fire pits, smokeless fire pits, and fireplaces to trained and licensed professionals, such as those at Fireplaces Plus. While it’s enticing to attempt a DIY project, the potential risks associated with improper installation or maintenance can be high. The team of NFI and MHS NJ licensed technicians at Fireplaces Plus has the training and experience to ensure your fire pit is installed correctly and functioning safely.

In conclusion, while smokeless fire pits may indeed produce some smoke, their design and functionality provide a significant reduction in smoke and a more enjoyable outdoor fire experience. With their rising popularity, the appeal of a cozy backyard gathering around a less smoky fire pit is undeniable. But, always remember, safety first. Have professionals handle your fire pit needs, and you’ll be well on your way to creating memorable moments around your fire pit with peace of mind.

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