HearthStone Tribute

When searching for the perfect wood burning stove, you may be wondering, what company should I choose? Now that decision can be made with ease when you choose to purchase your stove from HearthStone. HearthStone prides itself on bringing to you a beautiful piece of furniture that is a wood burning product. Their pieces fit seamlessly into your home, complementing and creating a cozy space for your friends and family to enjoy.

HearthStone wood stoves stay warmer for longer, maintaining the perfect comfort zone. With their signature HeatLife™ technology and the use of soapstone, you can measure the total amount of usable heat being produced from a single load of wood. By using soapstone, HearthStone wood stoves are able to retain heat and deliver consistent warmth, even after the fire has fizzled out. Plus, the perfected combination of combustion technology and soapstone allows you to use less wood, saving your money and heating your home efficiently.

When considering which wood stove to purchase, check out the HearthStone Tribute. This smaller stove features the classic and well loved design of the Heritage wood stove but does not produce as much heat due to its smaller stature. This stove is perfect for a larger room or a smaller home, providing the perfect combination of style and efficiency.

HearthStone Tribute 3

When this little beast is loaded to capacity, holding up to 20 lbs. of wood, it has the ability to burn for up to 7 hours. However, when using the full soapstone, it has a HeatLife™ rating of 9 hours! Not only is it burning effectively but minimal fire tending is needed. Stove operation is a breeze due to the single air-intake lever which also helps performance achieve greater consistency. Not only is the Tribute mighty in heat, it offers unparalleled fire viewing for everyone’s enjoyment. HearthStone created the ability for the air to enter the firebox through the stove’s secondary air tubes, igniting the gases that rise off the burning wood, resulting in dancing flames that provide a beautiful view, even when the fire is burning at a low output.

To top off the already impressive specs, this fireplace is customizable to suit your homes style. You can choose from three color finishes: matte black, brown majolica enamel, and seafoam enamel and one stone finish, polished gray soapstone. Add on accessories such as a blower and rear heat shield, an outside air adapter, and a spark screen to complete your perfect fireplace.

HearthStone Tribute 4

HearthStone not only wants your stove to look beautiful but it wants it to perform beautiful for you and the environment. They are committed to providing heating solutions that are renewable, carbon neutral, and clean. All of their stoves use low emission combustion technology, upholding their promise to help us move towards a green future. When looking for the perfect wood burning stove that you can feel good about and that will bring your home together, look no further than the HearthStone Tribute.

Fireplace Plus in Southern New Jersey near LBI is an authorized dealer and installer of hearth products. Our installers are NFI certified. We spend endless hours on training staff to understand the products and services we offer.

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