Magra Hearth Wood Mantel Non-Combustible Material

Magrahearth, combining the beauty of wood with non-combustible material. They pride themselves on creating “non-combustible mantels that add unique beauty, warmth, and character to any fireplace”. Due to the non-combustible nature of the products they use, their mantels can be placed closer and lower to the fireplace than its real wood competitors.

Magra also offers designers new approaches on how to handle “mantel clearance” issues that are often faced when placing televisions or artwork above a fire. The goal that Magra has set for itself has been to create intricately hand crafted mantels that resemble the beauty of age old wood and stone. To do this, they use their patented lightweight concrete; and with years in the profession, the craftsmen have been able to match beams, siding, and other elements of century old barns and structures around the midwest.

All of the wood products that Magra uses have been harvested from a 150 year old barn. The attention to detail that Magra prides itself on is effortlessly showcased in the detail, color, and noncombustible features of their hearths. They offer a multitude of different options to suit the style of those who have farmhouse style homes. There is the chiseled stone series, the mortise barn beam series, the natural wood series, the rustic barn wood series, the large barn beam series, the small mortise post series, the small plain post series, and the post and beam surround series. To create an even more dramatic frame for your fireplace, consider adding on the wallboard series, decorative extension brackets, or corbels.

While there seem to be many options for style, there are even more options when it comes to choosing the colors for each style. You can choose from brown, silver or whitewash finish for the rustic barn wood series and the natural wood series. For the mortise barn beam series, you can choose from brown or silver finish. The chiseled stone series comes in grey. When wanting to add accents, the only colors the wall boards come in are brown and silver, so if you choose a white wash finish, your wall boards will not match. Post and beam surrounds come in barn beam, plain post, and mortise post. For filler kits, you can choose from two options: barn wood or slate.

This lightweight concrete is the perfect solution for the wood look you want, without the worry of it being ruined by the placement in comparison to your fire. These non-combustible mantels divert the heat away from your tv or artwork while still allowing the mantel and your accents to sit closer to the fire. While this custom mantel may take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive, you will have no doubt that it is worth it. Magrahearth, offers other products but their perfect mantels are great if you are looking for a safe and beautiful accent to bring your room together!

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