Jøtul Gas Stove – All Models on Showroom Floor in NJ

Fireplaces Plus is the ONLY Dealer in the state of New Jersey that has every Jotul gas stove on their showroom floor!

Whether it is a frigid winter night or a warm summer’s day, Jøtul offers a wide variety of gas stoves that can serve any need you find. Start by identifying the size of the space, the room type, and your heating needs. Then make your way to Jøtul’s website or a fireplace store nearest to you to check out the vast selection. These Norwegian stoves are made with the highest quality cast iron creating a timeless and innovative product.

The first in the fleet of gas stoves is the Jøtul GF 200 DV IPI Lillehammer. One of the best-selling freestanding gas stoves, this small but mighty stove now offers the new state of the art IPI combustion technology. This Scandinavian inspired stove is fueled with a new pan style JøtulBurner™ and showcases a set of 4 handcrafted logs. This highly efficient stove is a timeless and classic design that offers options such as an antique brick panel kit, a wall thermostat, a remote control, a blower kit, longer legs, leg leveler kit, and a choice of two colors. For added protection and a nice bonus feature, the stove comes with a fire safety screen barrier. It can heat a space up to 800 square feet.

The best-selling gas stove offered by Jøtul is the Jøtul GF 300 DV IPI Allagash. Newly redesigned, this stove combines a modern inlay cast iron double door design with an intelligently designed combustion technology. This stove also features the JøtulBurner™ and incorporates a cost-saving IPI Proflame II ignition system. This medium sized stove features the new 6-piece hand crafted log set and enhanced fire view. The options with this stove are extensive including a multifunction Proflame II remote with flame modulation control, wall thermostat, top firing accent light kit (remote controlled with 6-level illumination), blower kit (remote controlled with 6 speed levels), reversible brick liner, fire safety screen barrier, and it is offered in 4 colors.

Looking for that classic modern design that fits any space? The Jøtul GF 500 DV IPI Portland is for you. This large gas stove is a descendant of the signature best-selling Jøtul F 500 Oslo wood stove. This stove offers whole house heating capability all at the touch of a button. Fueled by the new ceramic JøtulBurner™ III, this stove is highly efficient and is a timeless classic. It showcases a 6-piece high definition ceramic log set with a convertible flue collar with a cast iron filler piece. It has been approved for open or closed door viewing with the included safety screen barrier. Complete your stove with options of remote controls, wall controls, and other added and stunning features.

For a sleek and modern feel, discover the Jøtul GF 160. This compact design showcases a three-sided fire view on a unique tripod base. This stove strikes the perfect balance between form and functionality. It comes standard with an accent light, a blower fan and a remote control. What you can customize is what goes inside; Jøtul offers traditional logs, river rocks, tumbled stones, black glass, or white starfire glass.

Looking to bring some elegance to your room, consider the Jøtul GF 370 DV. This modern stove, offered in small and medium sizes, allows for a spectacular view of your fire from any angle. Inspired by the award winning Jøtul F 370 wood stove, this gas stove offers the same contemporary cast iron looks in a freestanding direct vent stove. Complete with accent lighting, variable speed blower and an energy saving ignition system, the craftsmanship of this stove is unparalleled. An overlooked feature but one that is notable it the stoves ability to not need electricity to operate it. The concept of this stove has received numerous awards including the Norwegian “Award for Design Excellence” and the prestigious “red dot award – best of the best”.

For a medium sized freestanding direct vent gas stove, look no further than the Jøtul GF 305. Sleek cast iron lines and a smooth curved frame accentuate the extra-large fire view that only Jøtul is successful in producing. This model is also fueled by the new ceramic JøtulBurner III. A great feature with this stove is that it offers the choice of required burner media, from logs to driftwood or rock combinations. The Invisimesh™ safety screen offers unobstructed views of the fire.
The double door design combines beauty and efficiency in the Jøtul GF 400 DV Sebago. This stove comes in medium or large and is the most nautical style in the fleet. Detailed in cast iron, the coves and shores of Lake Sebago are showcased in the styling of this stove. The rocks and pines of Maine are represented. Using the unparalleled JøtulBurner™ and the Jøtul Heat Fin™ technology, this stove is the perfect medium or large sized stove for any home. Popular ways to outfit your stove include the antique brick panel kit, a wall thermostat, a remote control, the floor bracket kit, the variable speed blower fan kit, and the short leg kit. Complete with a fire safety screen barrier this stove no doubtable earned the nomination, and finalist status, of the vesta award.

With all the timeless options offered by Jøtul and their ability to seamlessly fit into your home, you can incorporate fine Norwegian cast iron craftsmanship in any space. Not only are they statements in your room, but they are extremely functional and will offer the heat you need for your home. Place these stoves in any room of your home and you will not be disappointed.

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