JØTUL F 500 OSLO – Heavy Duty Wood Burning Fireplace for your Home

Jotul Wood Burning Stove

There is no better feeling than a crisp fall evening or a cold winter morning at the Jersey shore. Throwing on that extra layer and settling in, listening to the sound of the waves crashing, the scent of cedar wood wafting through the air. Thanks to the JØTUL F 500 OSLO, you can enjoy a chilly winter with the warm flames of this 445-pound wood burning stove.

This large wood burning stove is a classic cast iron piece you must incorporate in your home. The redesigned stove keeps all the technical aspects that the users of this product know and love, but they have elevated the stove to a more modern look. Complete with a minimal arches front, the stove now reflects a large and less clustered fire view. The same minimalist design remains on the sides, ash pan and top. With these changes, there is a perfect balance between contemporary style and classic arches.


You are able to customize your stove to fit your home. The options include a screen for open door fire viewing, a leg leveler kit, a short leg kit for installation, mobile home approved leg bracket kit, outside air adapter, rear heat shield, blower kit, and a choice of three enamel colors or classic matte black paint.

The advantages to purchasing this stove are endless but notably is the Jøtul’s limited lifetime warranty. The F 500 Oslo features the non-catalytic clean burn technology. This feature uses secondary combustion air in order to burn off wood gases before they leave the firebox; this means that this stove is not as controllable as a pre-E.P.A. stove. With a front and left side loading door, they have the industry’s largest doors, making their product the most accessible.

JØTUL F 500 OSLO - Heavy Duty Wood Burning Fireplace for your Home 2

This stove has the ability to heat up to 2,000 square feet and is approved for not only your beach home but also mobile homes. This stove can continuously burn for up to 9 hours, keeping you cozy all day. Controlling the burn time is easy with the single air control lever. It can handle large logs, up to 24 inches and has a large ashtray to catch and dispose of ashes with ease. You can also choose to purchase a cook plate, so you can maximize the uses provided by your stove.

As for adding moisture into your home ( sometimes wood stove heat can be dry) we have a large variety of cast iron porcelain coated steamers.


Another great feature offered with the Jøtul F 500 Oslo is that you can use fragrance oils such as Paine Products to waft the scents of your choice throughout your home. If you want to diffuse a more powerful scent of wood, choose the scents of pine and cedar. Paine offers Balsam, Pine, Cedar, Apple Cinnamon, French Lavender, English Tea Rose, Wild Fern and Flowers, and Blueberry. With these scents and the leaping flames, your home will not only smell wonderful but also feel wonderful.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, this stove sure is a beauty and those who enjoy all it has to offer. The Jersey shore sure throws some chilly days and nights at you but with the Jøtul stove, you will be prepared for the winter.

We have Jotul fireplaces in our showroom! Please come and visit us down at the Jersey Shore near Long Beach Island, NJ.

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