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Last winter, you were lying in bed on a frozen winter morning, trying to imagine getting out of your cozy cocoon of a bed but failing. Peering out the window to see the snow slowly falling, listening to the waves crash on the shore. You roll over and realize the only way you can stay warm is if you get up and go turn the heat up on the thermostat. You hop back in bed and grab your computer, pull up Fireplaces Plus online, and vow to never have to leave the bed again on a lazy winter morning. This winter, you look outside and see the snow falling, you hear a few cars drive by on Long Beach Boulevard and you decide you’re not getting out of bed today. There is a chill in the air and this year, instead of getting up to turn up the thermostat, you roll over, grab the remote control and turn on your Mendota FullView 34 fireplace. And it’s been decided, getting a fireplace was the best decision you could have made.

The Mendota FV34 is the perfect fireplace for your bedroom and smaller rooms alike. Showcased are all the best features a Mendota fireplace has to offer but in a more compact size with moderate heat output. However, never are you settling on looks for size. This small but mighty fireplace does not compromise with the view. With a 77.4% efficiency rating, this 576 square inch viewing area is quite the performer giving out 9,260 to 32,000 BTUH.

The FullView is placed directly on the heart, so there is no need for telltale louvers or raised platform. And to add to the perfection, the FullView comes with the FireLight accent lighting system. This system adds extra illumination and showcases the fireplace even more when the fire is on. Turn on the accent lighting when the fire is off for a glowing and warming feeling without the heat.

When it comes to making sure your fireplace flows with your room theme, there is no need to fear. Mendota allows for their fireplaces to be completely customizable, so you are never settling. With control of design elements such as fronts, doors, wood or other options, and interior lighting, there is so much to choose from. Mendota boasts simply but stunning options.

Choosing your firebase can be harder than you think but all of the options are stunning, so it is hard to go wrong. There is Birch HD, Norway Spruce HD, Premium Fiber Oak Log, and White Oak HD. Once you’ve chosen your wood comes choosing the perfect interior lining. Offerings include, panoramic black porcelain reflective, panoramic copper porcelain reflective, panoramic metallic mocha porcelain reflective, black porcelain reflective, limestone brick, tavern brown herringbone, black flat panel, concrete flat panel, desert flat panel, espresso flat panel, red soldier course brick or slate gray soldier course brick.

With a Mendota, you are guaranteed quality craftsmanship and a limited lifetime warranty. This fireplace seamlessly fits into your room, your home, and your needs. There is no better feeling then watching the fire crackle, especially when the view is so good, while sipping a warm drink enjoying the calming sounds the island has to offer this time of year. And in this moment, you vow to never go back to not having a fireplace, especially a Mendota, to keep you warm all winter!

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