Mendota Greenbriar Fireplace Dramatic Georgian Arch is Bold & Distinctive

When your home by the sea is less of a sandcastle and more of a real castle, it can be hard to find the perfect accessories to liven it up. Island living offers very beachy features to incorporate into your home but with the Mendota Greenbriar, you can still maintain the elegance of a castle at your sandcastle of a home.

Mendota Greenbriar Fireplace Dramatic Georgian Arch is Bold & Distinctive 4

The Greenbriar showcases a dramatic Georgian arch that is unique and stunning, an inviting feeling draws you in. With the ability to go from a roaring fire at 50,000 BTUH to a soft and romantic 15,8000 BTUH, you can adjust your fire all with a touch. Select your flames and heat to suit your mood and the weather.

Not only is this fireplace a dramatic addition to your home, it is also extremely energy efficient. Mendota boasts their “zone heating” in their fireplaces. The idea is that you can turn down the central heat and use the fire to heat the room you gather in most. The fireplace comes standard with three level burner, blower with rheostat, manual rear burner on/off control and manual flame height control. You have total control over your fireplace, saving you money and creating a more inviting room.

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This fireplace is perfect for your great room, it will seem crowded if in a smaller space. It is meant to replicate the beautiful fireplaces of America’s first families. You are getting a classic look combined with modern luxury. The Greenbriar fireplaces showcases the premium fiber oak log set. While the log set is standard, you can customize your fronts and doors. With the Winthrop Front, you are choosing the standard cast iron black. If you want something a little flashier, you can choose from four other fronts and doors. These include the Ashton Front, the Filigree Overlay, Glass Front Overlay, and the Huntington Doors. The colors that these come in include black, antique copper, antique gold, gun metal, and black. Mendota offers over 20 different interior lining options so you can fully customize your fireplace to your liking.

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With Mendota, not only is beauty a priority but so is your safety. Complete with the optional remote control, you determine what your fire does. All products are in compliance with government safety screen regulations. These screens are designed to provide an effective barrier from the glass. Some models even feature the new micro safety screen which virtually disappears once installed over the fireplace. Head over to Fireplaces Plus to talk to an expert about what you can do to ensure the safety of your family and friends with the Greenbriar fireplace.

Customizing your dream home can be hard to do. Creating a space that is uniquely you is easier with the help from Mendota. The Greenbriar fireplace will be the center of attention in your home. It will create a gathering place for your friends, family, and guests of all kinds. While not traditionally beachy, with the ability to customize your hearth, it is possible to have this elegant fireplace in your sandcastle of a home. Whether you are enjoying a nice long walk on the beach, going for a chilly surf, or just never leaving the house on a rainy day, the Mendota Greenbriar is the fireplace that will keep you and your heart warm and full.

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