The DaVinci Bay Linear Gas Fireplace

The DaVinci Collection Bay Linear Gas Fireplace

The cozy warmth and ambiance provided by a fireplace are unbeatable. While it may appear that this wonderful invention is already going out of fashion, many still agree that a fireplace would be a great addition to the home or office space. Gas fireplaces that offer all the warmth and ambiance of wood. The DaVinci collection Bay Linear Gas Fireplace is undoubtedly a one of a kind gas fireplace, the best you’ll get to see around. If you have ever imagined what the future of linear gas fireplaces would look like, your imagination cannot stray too far away from what Da Vinci offers. The Da Vinci collection promises extremely pleasant aesthetics while still scoring high on the functionality, safety, and ambiance scales. There is no doubt you have never seen a more elegant or alluring presentation of fire.

Why you need one for your space

There is, perhaps, no other feature that is capable of lighting your personal space the way the DaVinci gas fireplace would. The ultramodern bay configuration of this unique collection of fireplaces makes them viewable from three sides. The beautiful flame easily draws the eye and you can expect the fireplace to serve as the center of attraction in your residential or commercial building. The fireplace maintains extraordinarily low temperatures, making it even more suitable for commercial areas with a high traffic.

Why Choose DaVinci?

Detailed attention to safety: The DaVinci gas fireplace is a zero-clearance firebox. This ensures that there is no direct contact between the fireplace and combustible building materials. The outside-air ducted into the fireplace also serves to keep the exterior cool. Thus, you can bring your finishes all the way to the edge of the glass without having to worry about the cost of non-combustible building materials.

      • Elegant Wall Controls
        With the TouchSmart wall controls, using the DaVinci fireplace couldn’t be any easier. And this is just one of the things that makes it better than any other fireplace. The wall control affords you the luxury of varying the heat exchange, setting a timer for the fireplace, and selecting any of the fascinating arrays of LED lighting available.
      • Safe-Touch Glass
        All DaVinci custom fireplaces come with the safe touch glass feature. The glass maintains a comfortable surface temperature at every point in time. This affords you the freedom to install the fireplace anywhere in the home without any safety restrictions. The feature also ensures you enjoy a crystal clear view of your fireplace all the time.
      • Custom design for your space
        DaVinci fireplaces are custom designed to fit into your space. You have the option of selecting the length and height of your choice. Our expert installers are always ready to offer professional advice on the type of design that best suits your space. We do not believe in forcing our designs to suit your space. Rather, we take a look at your space and design something that fits seamlessly.
      • Easy installation
        When installing a DaVinci custom fireplace, we do not upset your building structure. Our Titan Lock System allows us to build a fireplace in your space without the use of wall support or additional framing. We leave your building structure just the way we met it. The only crime we could be guilty of is making it more ambient and aesthetically pleasing!

The DaVinci Collection Bay Linear Gas Fireplaces are the best in the industry. The technical excellence and attention to detail that is put into every piece make the fireplace a true masterpiece. The stunning beauty is unmatched and it is just what you need to light up your space. Come visit our showroom near the Jersey Shore to actually see it!


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