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It is the time of the year on Long Beach Island when the lights blink yellow for 18 miles. The speed limit is raised, and you can get from Barnegat Light to Beach Haven in under twenty-five minutes, a feat unable to be achieve in the summer. The beaches are a ghost town except for those who can truly appreciate a beautiful beach day in the off season. Businesses are down to their skeleton crews and the lifeguards are closing up shop. The swells are huge as hurricane season approaches, drawing surfer and photographers alike. We batten down the hatches and weather the storms for the sake of our special home. Finally, the local summer has begun, and for many, it is recognized as the best time of the year. All anyone wants to know is, “how do you stay here year-round”? “Isn’t it so quiet”? “Aren’t you bored”? Well let me just tell you, love is this little barrier island, the Atlantic Ocean, and all the southern beach towns New Jersey has to offer.

One of the best things that living at the Jersey Shore offers is the cool, damp sea salted air. The smell of the ocean mixed with the falling leaves is a new experience but a welcomed comfort; something you adjust to and come to know and love. After a long day at work, riding some waves, or bundled up on the beach, the best way to warm up your home is with none other than a fireplace!

Having a fireplace in your home by the sea is a feature that a lot of people don’t think they will need but once you have one, it really elevates your home. There is no better feeling than cozying up by the fire, reading a book, watching tv, or just relaxing. And now there are plenty of no fuss options that make installing and enjoying a fireplace an easy decision.

Your home at the beach already is spectacular, it cannot get any better than living on Long Beach Island. The views are breathtaking and often you are able to enjoy them for the comfort of your home. But with the help of the Mendota ML47 fireplace, you can install a stunning view inside your home.

It is important to make sure you are choosing the perfect options for your home. Especially since Mendota has the reputation of helping to create a lifetime of memories around your fireplace. The stunning combination of high style and high power never fail to let you down. The Mendota ML47 fireplace is the perfect fireplace for your Jersey Shore home.

This fireplace can be outfitted with very natural and beachy options. You can choose to have your flames dance around natural river rock, glass fire stones, diamonds, ice cubes, multiple styles of decorative wood, or marble. Outfit the interior linings with panoramic black, copper, metallic midnight, metallic mocha, or metallic silver porcelain reflective, flat panels in either black, concrete, desert, or espresso, or, the beachiest feature, known as the wave in black, concrete, desert, or espresso. Your fire will fill the room with a soft, warm glow.

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Not only can the inside of your fireplace be custom but so can the outside. Choose the length that fits your space best and then the décor. With eight different finishes such as black, aged leather, antique copper, brushed chrome, hammered leather, oil rubbed bronze, Swedish nickel, and vintage iron, your fireplace will complement your home perfectly. With these amazing, and seemingly endless combinations, your fireplace be beautiful, as well as eco-friendly since it is outfitted with high-efficiency green technology, helping to keep our perfect beach towns intact.

The gas fireplace that Mendota creates makes keeping your home warm a breeze. No need to stack piles of wood, or not having dry wood to start a fire, and never clean another ash. With the click of a button, this fire will brighten your room or your day, giving you complete control over at least one thing! You can easily turn the pilot and burners on and off, adjust the heat to your comfort, turn the blowers on and off to regulate the amount of air output, and turn the accent lights on or off. Another great feature is the ability to use the remote control’s smart digital thermostat. By setting a temperature, the burner will automatically turn down as the temperature of the room approaches your desired warmth, eliminating the need for you to constantly monitor it.

While it may seem that the investment is silly because you can only use it for so many months that is not the case. For those cool summer nights, turn it on low or use the accent light feature. The accent lights create an ambiance without the use of heat or flames. It highlights the beautiful hearth you have and gives a little light when you want the room to be dim. The Mendota fireplace can save you on your electricity bill too. Not quite cool enough for the central heat but not quite warm enough for nothing? Light up your fireplace to heat the room you use most. Your family, and your wallet, will thank you when they can relax comfortably in your home and your electric bill is lower.

Having a home on Long Beach Island is one of the most amazing gifts in life so why not make it even better by giving your home the gift of a fireplace. Create a space in your home that looks and feels custom with the Mendota ML47. While the lifetime warranty is limited, the memories that will be created around your fireplace are not. Family gatherings, holidays, fun events, and so much more can be enjoyed even more in the warmth of your home. While it is hard to find a sound that is more comforting than the crashing of the waves on the shore, the crackle of your new fireplace will attempt to compete.

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