Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table

Imagine, you’re at your favorite beach getaway. The waves are crashing on the shore, the sun is setting and your family is admiring the beauty of the golden hours. You are leaving the sandy shores to head back to your home away from home. One minute you are lazily lounging on a towel and the next, you are hitting the outdoor shower in the back yard. The one missing piece of this perfect image is a fire pit for your family to gather around; the feature that will keep the party going, on and off the beach.

Are you looking to discover the perfect final touch to your backyard oasis at your family’s favorite place? Then it is time to discover the Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor Greatroom Company. They specialize in fires that are easy to assemble and use, all with a push-button start. They are rated as a top safety pick, tested thoroughly through underwriter’s laboratory, a global independent safety company. And of course, with such crazy shore weather, it is vital that your fire pit be weather resistant. This fire showcases a durable finish that is built to withstand any extreme weather especially coastal saltwater conditions.

Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table 4

The vintage square gas fire pit table features a stunning 24 by 24” honey glow brown burner set inside a distressed wood-look tile top. The base is a distressed cedar that will continue to age and wear as time goes on, creating the perfect worn look. Each table is unique due to the wood color and grain that has patterns that vary. If you prefer your table remain as purchased, you can purchase an aging sealant one to two years after purchase to slow the aging and distressing the weather naturally inflicts.

Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table 5

As far as safety goes, this table is great for people of all ages to enjoy safely. A glass burner cover is included with every table purchase. There is a discrete access door that gives way to the standard 20-pound propane tank, keeping the hands of those who shouldn’t be touching, away. If you are still concerned about the safety of your loved ones around the fire, you can choose to purchase the optional glass wind guard and the protective cover.

Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table 6

To ensure ease of use, this table comes standard with manual ignition with a battery-powered sparker or upgrade to the direct spark automatic ignition, an optional feature. Other additional features include crushed tempered fire glass, a protective cover, and the wind guard. Consult one of our NCI certified specialists to see what upgrades are right for your family so you can enjoy your fire pit table for years to come!

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