Is It A Wood Or Gas Fire?

Patented Ember-Fyre™ Burner Technology

Popular Science® magazine awarded the prestigious “Best of What’s New” award to the Ember-Fyre as one of the year’s top achievements in Science and Technology.

There are no unsightly burner tubes or metal pans and the appearance of the fire and glowing embers are just as beautiful in the low flame setting as they are on high. The level of realism is so remarkable it is difficult to tell it apart from our wood burning appliances.

1. Natural gas or propane is piped to a sophisticated SIT™ IPI valve. This gas burner is designed to provide reliable, continuous operation even if the power goes out in your home.

2. The low pressure gas flows to a precisely engineered burner orifice.

3. A hidden mixing tube combines the gas with outside air.

4. The gas/air mixture flows through a unique array of burner ports in the ceramic base, where it ignites and burns.

5. As the Ember-Fyre burner heats to a deep red 1200º Fahrenheit, it mimics the look of glowing wood embers and charred logs. Dancing yellow flames further enhances the look and feel of a real wood fire.

6. The fire passes over the hand-carved logs that are so incredibly detailed, you’ll be amazed they are not wood.

7. For hands-free operation the standard GreenSmart remote control allows you to set and maintain the comfort level of your home.

Ember Fyre Illustration

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