Bed and Breakfast TRV Deluxe – Beauty & Warmth of a Fire Compressed into a Tall Portrait-Style Fireplace

Imagine sitting in your home by the sea, cuddled up on a cool summer morning. The only thing that could bring you more happiness would be a fire burning. Now, with the bed and breakfast TRV deluxe you can have that coziness wherever you desire in your home. It embodies the beauty and warmth of a fire compressed into a tall portrait-style fireplace. It is the perfect fit for small, intimate spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

The bed and breakfast TRV features Ember-Fyre burner technology which has been awarded the best of what’s new by popular science. The realism of the ember-fyre burned is stunning. It features gorgeous yellow flames that leap and dance in the picturesque frame. With high definition detailed logs, it is the most realistic wood-like gas fireplace on the market.

The “bed and breakfast” is one of the most technologically advanced fireplaces. It showcases GreenSmart technology which is comprised of remote control to adjust your fire, accent lights and a 90 CFM convection fan. These remote controls act as wireless thermostats with two modes, 6 levels of flame adjustment, change between GreenSmart and CPI pilot modes, 6 levels of fan operation, comfort control which controls the rear burners, and 6 levels of accent lights.

This stunning little fire is showcased through a viewing area composed of high quality and high clarity, ceramic glass. The bed and breakfast come standard with the invisible safety screen that increases the overall safety of the unit for you and your family to enjoy at peace. It offers a series of faces and firebacks to match the style of your home. Choose from the classic arch with a black painted face, the French country style with a black painted face, the artisan face with either charcoal paint or bronze patina paint. For fireback options, you can choose from the brick beehive fireback or the travertine fireback.

Even on the mornings when it’s too warm to have a fire, this fireplace can be utilized due to the accent lighting. It adds warm highlights to the logs and liners to create a special ambiance no matter the season. This intimate fire is the perfect solution for the real wood look you want, without the worry of the upkeep. The ease of using a gas fireplace has never been made easier. Don’t settle for hiding under the covers all day, this fireplace is perfect for those small nooks, this touch of warmth will cheer up the room on those chilly beach mornings.

What is Ember-Fyre Burner Technology?


Firebuilder Accessory : Classic Arch, Black PaintedClassic Arch, Black Painted
Firebuilder Accessory : Artisan, Charcoal PaintedArtisan, Charcoal Painted
Firebuilder Accessory : Artisan, Bronze PatinaArtisan, Bronze Patina

Firebuilder Accessory : French CountryFrench Country

Firebuilder Accessory : Beehive BrickBeehive Brick
Firebuilder Accessory : TravertineTravertine
Heating Capacity Up to 650 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input 16,500 BTU’s / Hour
Steady State Efficiency (High) * Up to 77.94% (NG), 81.71% (LP)
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating 67.62% (NG), 71.28% (LP)
AFUE 72.5% (NG), 72.7% (LP)
Fan Standard
Glass Area † 394 sq. in.
Venting Top or Rear Vent
GreenSmart Remote Standard
Weight 95 lbs.
Comfort Control Standard
Burner System Ember-Fyre™
* Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration
† Will vary with face design

Bed and Breakfast TRV Deluxe Dimensions

Bed and Breakfast TRV Deluxe - Beauty & Warmth of a Fire Compressed into a Tall Portrait-Style Fireplace 2

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